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April 2016 Archives

C-section rates still high across Maryland and U.S.

The birth of the baby can be a much anticipated event in the lives of a family in Maryland. People want the birth to go well for both the mother and the baby. However, complications arise all the time that require medical intervention when it comes to birth. The most common type of medical intervention is a Cesarean section. A C-section can be a safe and effective way to deliver an infant when an emergency arises. However, a C-section comes with many risks to both the child and the mother. Therefore, a C-section should be avoided when possible.

Commonly misdiagnosed conditions in an emergency room

When people are sick, they turn to emergency rooms across Maryland. People trust that emergency room doctors and nurses will be able to identify and treat medical issues. However, emergency rooms are not always the most conducive environments for an accurate diagnosis. Doctors can be overwhelmed, rushed or just plain tired. All of these conditions can easily lead to a misdiagnosis in an emergency room.

Are electronic medical records safe?

Technology has influenced and changed many parts of Maryland residents' lives. For most people, technology is a daily part of their life. Everything from a person's social life, job and bills can be electronic. With the advent of smart phones and advanced computer technology, people are more connected than ever.

Medication errors can be a doctor's fault

Many people in Maryland use medication on a daily basis. This medication can help prevent serious medical problems. It can also help to lessen the symptoms of existing medical conditions. No matter the reason why people use medication, it is important that people use the correct medication in the correct way. If the medication is not used correctly, it can be extremely dangerous for the individual taking it.

Lynch syndrome and cancer diagnoses

People are at risk for a variety of different types of medical issues. Some of this risk depends on their lifestyle and their genetic history. It is up to their doctor to determine if this risk means that the individual is more prone to developing certain illnesses or injuries. If the person is more prone to certain conditions, a medical professional should closely monitor the individual to ensure that the person receives the correct treatment.

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