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Are electronic medical records safe?

Technology has influenced and changed many parts of Maryland residents' lives. For most people, technology is a daily part of their life. Everything from a person's social life, job and bills can be electronic. With the advent of smart phones and advanced computer technology, people are more connected than ever.

It is no surprise, therefore, that many hospital settings have moved to electronic medical records. But, are these electronic medical records safe?

There have been many situations where electronic medical records have made both patients' and doctors' lives easier. Hospitals that have implemented these types of records have seen easier and more accurate recordkeeping, automated lab reports and orders, disease management tools and alerts and reminders for preventative care.

However, not everything about the introduction of electronic medical records has been good for patients. With electronic medical records, there comes the risk of mistakes. These mistakes can lead to a variety of negative outcomes for patients in these hospitals. And, in particular, patients may see that erroneous medical information has been added to their charts. With this data included, doctors may make decisions that are not right for the patient.

Additionally, systems that manage these files need to be constantly updated and improved. In order to improve the systems, data may need to be merged or linked to new programs. With each of these changes, there is an increased risk that the patient's record can be filled with errors or omissions.

Hospital negligence can occur in many different forms. If there is an error with an electronic medical record, the hospital may be held liable for negligence. If a patient is hurt because of the hospital's negligence, the patient can take legal action to obtain compensation for the mistake. For specific legal advice, people can talk with a medical malpractice attorney.

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