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Commonly misdiagnosed conditions in an emergency room

When people are sick, they turn to emergency rooms across Maryland. People trust that emergency room doctors and nurses will be able to identify and treat medical issues. However, emergency rooms are not always the most conducive environments for an accurate diagnosis. Doctors can be overwhelmed, rushed or just plain tired. All of these conditions can easily lead to a misdiagnosis in an emergency room.

There are several common emergency room errors that occur in emergency rooms across Maryland and the United States. One commonly misdiagnosed condition is heart attacks in women. Heart attacks in women present very differently than heart attacks in men. While chest pain and pain down the left side are often associated with heart attacks in men, many heart attacks in women do not present this way. Instead, women might experience shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness or sweating. The symptoms may not lead in emergency room doctor to suspect a heart attack in a woman.

Chest pain can often also be overlooked in an emergency room. People must know that chest pain is a symptom but not a diagnosis. Chest pain can indicate a variety of serious conditions that must be examined by a doctor. A doctor must closely examine the chest pain and may need to run other tests to get an accurate diagnosis.

Much like chest pain, abdominal pain is also commonly misdiagnosed in an emergency room. Abdominal pain can signal several serious medical conditions. However, it is a symptom and not a diagnosis. Therefore, doctors often need to take a further look to find out exactly what is wrong.

When doctors in emergency rooms make mistakes, they may be held liable for their errors. Victims of medical malpractice may have legal rights. If a doctor or hospital is negligent, patients may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help individuals understand their legal rights when hospital negligence occurs.

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