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What are some of the risks of preterm birth?

Families throughout Maryland eagerly await the birth of the new baby. When a woman is pregnant, she does everything she can in order to keep the child safe and the pregnancy healthy. Throughout this process, doctors and nurses often oversee the mother's care. They are entrusted to ensure that potential problems are found and treated.

When doctors and nurses correctly do their jobs, serious injuries to both the mother and child can be avoided. However, if doctors and nurses miss symptoms of a problem then both the mother and baby can be put at risk. The risk of preterm birth, for example, is very serious.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around one out of every 10 babies born in the United States are born prematurely. There can be many serious side effects for children born before term. Premature babies are those babies born before 37 weeks gestation. Problems are more likely to be severe the earlier a baby is born.

There are many risks to a baby that is born premature. These risks can include breathing and feeding problems. A baby can also develop cerebral palsy if born too early. Many premature babies also suffer from hearing impairment and vision problems. Premature babies also risk developmental delays. In some cases, a baby may even die if born too early.

If the negligence of a doctor or nurse caused a premature baby to be born or failed to prevent premature birth, that medical professional can be held liable. Birth injuries are serious and often require lifelong care. A doctor can be held responsible through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Families in Maryland should speak with an attorney for specific legal advice about birth injuries.

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