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What are the first steps to take in a medical malpractice case?

When Maryland residents are sick or injured, they often contact medical professionals to help heal them. People trust that doctors and nurses will do their job properly to get them back to 100 percent as quickly as possible. However, sometimes this trust is misplaced. Like all humans, doctors can make a mistake that can lead to serious and deadly consequences.

When this happens, injured patients may not know where to turn or what to do next. Doctor's errors can be a very jarring and unfortunate situation. People can be left with serious injuries that make it difficult for them to function on a very basic level -- let alone, trying to take action to remedy the situation. So, many Maryland residents may wonder what the first steps they need to take are following medical malpractice.

Individuals who are facing a medical malpractice situation should know how to proceed with the situation. The first step, is often speaking with the doctor who made the mistake. A doctor may be willing to remedy the situation that has occurred. In other words, the doctor may offer a free, or low-cost, solution to the situation. In some cases, this might be enough to fix the problem.

After speaking with the doctor, people may need to speak with the local licensing board. By speaking with the appropriate medical licensing board people may get a resolution. The board may be able to punish or discipline the medical professional in some way.

Next, if individuals still need to seek compensation for their injuries it is important to get an assessment of their claim. In many cases, medical malpractice suits will require a certificate of merit that proves that medical malpractice occurred. This often requires an expert to review the person's medical records and how the case was handled.

Finally, individuals need to understand how they want to resolve the medical malpractice lawsuit. In some cases, an out-of-court settlement may be reached. In other cases, a case may need to move through the court system in order to be resolved. In either case, a medical malpractice attorney can give specific legal advice on how an individual should proceed.

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