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March 2017 Archives

Howard University hospital cited for high malpractice rate

Starting with its founding in 1862, Howard University Hospital in the District of Columbus has historically provided quality medical care for the city's black population. A recent report by the Washington Post now shows that the hospital is suffering from poor management and a high number of medical malpractice lawsuits and settlements.

Untimely meningitis diagnosis leads to $10 million award

A physician's failure to properly diagnose a patient's illness or other medical condition can often be catastrophic. Symptoms can go untreated and worsen, and an otherwise treatable disease may become life-threatening. Many people in Maryland understand that a failure to properly diagnose can have even more dire consequences if children are involved. A recent state appellate court decision could affect similar cases in this state.

Using civil mediation in a medical malpractice case

Suing a physician or hospital to recover damages for professional negligence can be a lengthy and expensive process. In an effort to help litigants resolve their differences faster and with less expense, the Maryland courts have devised a set of procedures known generally as Alternative Dispute Resolution. One of the most popular and effective such procedures is mediation. It is important to look at mediation in the context of a medical malpractice case.

MD legislature considering alternative to malpractice lawsuits

Can a verbal apology prevent a lengthy and complex medical malpractice lawsuit? The Maryland legislature is considering a bill that would answer this question with a definitive "yes." The bill is an outgrowth of repeated efforts by so-called tort reformers to limit the size of damage awards in medical malpractice cases.

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