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Woman sues hospital and physician for misdiagnosis

Doctors in Maryland are responsible for diagnosing our illnesses and injuries and coming up with the best possible treatment options. However, even the top physicians can make a mistake while diagnosing or treating a patient. A failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis of a condition can cause death or additional injury. Patients who are the victims of a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis may be able to file a lawsuit against their treating physician for medical malpractice.

One patient recently sued a physician and health care facility for misdiagnosing the condition of her deceased loved one. The patient had received treatment at the facility for approximately 11 months, from January to November of 2015. The woman accuses the facility of medical negligence for their misdiagnosis of the deceased's medical condition. Because of their misdiagnosis, they failed to provide the proper treatment to the patient, which ultimately resulted in her death.

Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose can cause a patient's illness or injury to progress faster than it would have had the patient been diagnosed correctly in the first place. In some cases, patients receive treatment for the wrong condition that ends up causing them further harm. In order to determine whether a doctor or hospital should be held liable for their mistake, the victim will have to show that a reasonable medical professional in the same field under the same circumstances would have properly diagnosed the patient. They will also have to show that the wrong diagnosis caused them harm.

Medical professionals have a responsibility to adhere to the appropriate standard of care when treating a physician. If a doctor or hospital fails to follow that standard, they could be held liable for patient injuries or deaths.

Source: PennRecord, "Representative files medical negligence suit against Clinic, doctor," Louie Torres, Aug. 8, 2017

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