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Hospital faces lawsuit after doctor falsifies credentials

When a doctor or other medical professional engages in negligent or reckless behavior that harms a patient, the hospital where he or she works may be sued for medical malpractice. Hospital negligence may occur when a hospital fails to verify the credentials of the employees they hire. Prince George's County hospital in Maryland is now facing a class action lawsuit after one of their OB-GYNS used false identities throughout his medical career.

In 2016, the doctor pled guilty to fraud for using various Social Security numbers and identities to apply for his medical license and certifications. The doctor also apparently forged or altered a number of documents relating to his medical career, including medical transcripts, his diploma, letters of recommendation and immigration documents. He was let go from the hospital after his indictment, but not before he treated numerous patients.

The hospital stated that it had a number of reliable agencies validate his medical credentials. The hospital also stated that he was in fact licensed to practice medicine in Maryland, regardless of what name he used. However, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say that, if the hospital had done more digging, it would have found out that the man had a history of giving false identification information. The man apparently had certifications revoked in the past for using different names and dates of birth to apply, and was kicked out of his residency program for giving incorrect information about his identity. The plaintiffs are especially concerned due to the sensitive nature of the practice of obstetrics and gynecology.

If the hospital failed to do their due diligence when hiring this doctor, those that were treated by him may receive compensation for their pain and suffering and other damages that were suffered.

Source: The Root, "Maryland Hospital Sued After OB-GYN Found to Be Lying About His Identity for Years," Angela Helm, Jan.9, 2018

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