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How can you establish your doctor's negligence in court?

Medical patients in Maryland have the right to receive competent medical care from the medical professionals on your case. If you are injured or harmed as a result of negligent health care, you have the right to sue for medical malpractice. As a victim, you and your attorney, if you have one, must prove that the parties you are suing were negligent when administering care and caused you harm as a result.

MLB prospect sues for failure to diagnose shoulder injury

If a physician in Maryland fails to accurately diagnose an injury or illness in a timely fashion, the delay in treatment can cause serious complications. In the case of professional baseball pitcher Andrew Rohrbach, doctors' failure to diagnose his shoulder injury may have cost him his career. Rohrbach is now filing a lawsuit against the Colorado Rockies for negligence with regards to his shoulder injury.

Don't navigate medical malpractice situations on your own

Visiting the hospital takes a tremendous amount of trust. While some visits may involve nothing but a simple checkup, others can be much more serious. Surgeries, diagnoses, medication... there are many situations that require the utmost care and focus on the part of the hospital staff. Most times, everything goes according to plan. Unfortunately, there are instances in which doctors make mistakes. These errors can result in a wide range of complications, some of which may be life-threatening.

Heart surgeon found negligent

Doctors in Maryland have a responsibility to their patients to provide them with the best care possible, in accordance with the accepted standards of the medical community. Doctors who fail to meet this criteria may be cited for medical malpractice. A prominent heart surgeon has been accused of negligence after a surgery left a patient in a coma.

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