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Improper monitoring may cause serious birth injuries

Delivering a baby may be a routine procedure for many doctors. However, it is important to note that proper, vigilant monitoring of the birthing process may be the most crucial step in protecting both the mother and the newborn infant. There have been various cases where the doctor's negligence during childbirth has led to serious birth injuries. In several cases, the birth injuries may have even led to fatalities or permanent disabilities.

Our medical malpractice background can provide advantages

When a couple is expecting a child, both soon-to-be parents cannot wait for the day they hold their baby in their arms. In the meantime, parents are also concerned with the safety and health of their baby prior to birth. An expectant mother watches what she eats, takes prenatal vitamins and visits her doctor for regular checkups. However, taking prenatal care seriously does not guarantee that the baby will be protected from harm during child birth because birth injuries can and do occur. This medical error can happen during the delivery process, whether it's normal or Cesarean section.

Learning more about another birth injury, brachial plexus

The birth of a baby is usually a happy time for Maryland parents. Sometimes, however, labor and delivery may experience complications and produce risks that can harm the infant. For example, babies can experience birth injuries that lead to defects such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other injuries and medical errors can be the cause of brachial plexus injury in newborns as well. There is a chance that medical labor errors committed during birth caused these defects.

A deeper look into the birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy

When cerebral palsy comes to mind, many Maryland residents may automatically attribute the condition to brain damage. And they might be partially correct. Cerebral palsy is a medical condition associated with a disorder of the nervous system that impairs control of body movement. This disorder may arise from damage to a developing brain. Unfortunately, cerebral palsy often affects infants and young children.

Maryland senator proposes birth injury fund

When a child suffers a birth injury, one of the most important rights that child's parents have is to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent doctor and hospital. However, the Maryland legislature is considering a measure that would provide patients with a different avenue for recovery.

Family receives medical malpractice award for birth injury

It can be incredibly confusing and difficult for patients who are injured when receiving medical care. For the most part, patients want to believe the best of the medical community. While the intentions of doctors and nurses may be noble, sometimes a person's intentions don't matter. This is especially true when the person commits a preventable medical mistake that results in a serious injury. Maryland readers may find the following blog concerning a recent birth injuries case interesting.

Delivery error leaves child with cerebral palsy

Complications in the labor and delivery process can have serious consequences for the mother and child in the delivery room. Fortunately, when delivery or labor errors do occur it may be possible to hold the responsible parties accountable. Maryland readers may be interested in the following case in which a child experienced cerebral palsy and other birth injuries, including grave developmental impairments, due to delivery errors.

Birth injury leaves child with permanent neurological injuries

The birth of a child should be the happiest moment in a person's life. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. When complications do occur during pregnancy or the delivery it can result in serious, long-term consequences. If a birth injury occurs due to a doctor's errors or hospital negligence, patients should seek the counsel of an experienced Maryland medical malpractice attorney to discuss the matter immediately.

Birth injury lawsuit results in $78.5 million verdict

The parents of young children or couples considering having children in Maryland might be interested to learn about a recent medical malpractice suit involving the parents of a child who suffered brain damage as a result of a birth injury.

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