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Will troubling statistics back up creation of birth injury fund?

The birth of a child is one of the most momentous occasions that parents can experience. Unfortunately, the delivery process, despite being common, is also a very sensitive medical procedure, which is not without risks. Delivery errors can cause a birth injury that can haunt a child and a child's family forever. For this reason, legislators in Maryland have been pushing for what is referred to as a "birth injury fund," to help infants and their families. Although the legislation has not been approved, it may get a push after recent statistics have shown that infant mortality is increasing.

What is a birth injury and what causes it?

For parents in Maryland and throughout the country, the birth of a child is one of the most significant and memorable moments a person can have in life. It is also one of the most delicate situations for a mother and her infant. Parents, together with their chosen hospital and medical practitioner, should work hand in hand to make sure that a child is delivered properly and safely. Otherwise, a birth injury can occur and compromise the health of a child.

Common birth injury is avoidable with proper medical care

Birth injuries are a devastating way to start life. Injuries incurred at birth will have lasting effects on the infant's development and quality of life. Sometimes birth injuries are unavoidable and last a lifetime. One of the most common birth injuries is Erb's Palsy, which results in weakness or inability of movement of an infant's arm. Expectant Maryland mothers should be aware that even if this injury is common, it can be avoided with skilled medical attention.

Delivery errors lead to death of baby, midwife found negligent

Giving birth is a very delicate and, at times, complicated procedure. Even under the supervision of a medical professional, the process should be handled with great care and medical lapses should always be avoided. Delivery errors will compromise the health of the mother and the life of the baby, as well. Many Greenbelt, Maryland, parents and medical practitioners have probably heard about the recent medical malpractice case that highlights the dangers of medical mistakes during childbirth.

Family receives medical malpractice award for birth injury

It can be incredibly confusing and difficult for patients who are injured when receiving medical care. For the most part, patients want to believe the best of the medical community. While the intentions of doctors and nurses may be noble, sometimes a person's intentions don't matter. This is especially true when the person commits a preventable medical mistake that results in a serious injury. Maryland readers may find the following blog concerning a recent birth injuries case interesting.

Delivery error leaves child with cerebral palsy

Complications in the labor and delivery process can have serious consequences for the mother and child in the delivery room. Fortunately, when delivery or labor errors do occur it may be possible to hold the responsible parties accountable. Maryland readers may be interested in the following case in which a child experienced cerebral palsy and other birth injuries, including grave developmental impairments, due to delivery errors.

Doctor sued for leaving hospital without giving notice

It is always difficult to come to terms with preventable acts of medical negligence that result in harm to a patient. This is especially true when the patient is a newborn baby. Birth injuries caused by delivery errors or poor postnatal care can have very serious consequences, from brain damage to death. Maryland readers may find the following blog of one doctor's negligence in her treatment of a newborn informative.

Family receives $7 million following birth injury

Childbirth is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a person's life. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go very wrong. When things do go wrong, such as a labor error or delivery error that results in harm to the child or the mother, the injured party may be entitled to monetary damages. Maryland readers may be interested in the following blog about a recent birth injury malpractice suit that recently settled in Los Angeles County.

Family settles medical malpractice case following birth injury

As many of our Maryland readers probably know, medical malpractice lawsuits are filed every day in the United States. From Maryland to California, medical mistakes that harm patients can result in heated litigation. In many cases, however, parties reach out-of-court settlements. While such agreements can take time to develop, settlement is often beneficial for everyone, saving both parties money and a significant amount of time.

Birth injury leaves child with permanent neurological injuries

The birth of a child should be the happiest moment in a person's life. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. When complications do occur during pregnancy or the delivery it can result in serious, long-term consequences. If a birth injury occurs due to a doctor's errors or hospital negligence, patients should seek the counsel of an experienced Maryland medical malpractice attorney to discuss the matter immediately.

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