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How does a surgical error occur?

There is no such thing as minor surgery. After all, surgical procedures are usually the last option to help a patient recover from illness or disease. Given the significance and purpose of surgery, many Maryland residents may assume that doctors will always do their best to perform a successful operation. Unfortunately, surgical errors sometimes occur, causing more harm than good to a patient.

Explaining surgical procedures and its risks to Marylanders

Every year, the list of surgical procedures and treatment offered by Maryland hospitals and healthcare providers grow and improve. As a result, many more people are undergoing surgeries each year in order to improve the quality of their lives and well-being. However, all surgeries may carry the risk of surgical errors, ranging from wrong-site surgery, post-surgical bleeding or infection. A worst case scenario is a surgical error leading to a patient's death.

Federal agency says doctor errors are in decline

Doctor's errors are a common problem in America's health care system. They cost billions in loses as well as cause injuries and fatalities to patients. Regardless of whether the error is a misdiagnosis, a surgical error or a hospital infection, the error should not occur and must be prevented at all cost. However, a recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services may change people's minds about medical errors.

What should Maryland patients know about surgical errors?

Maryland surgical procedures, no matter how seemingly simple, take a lot of planning, precision and skill. The idea of having an operation on the wrong body part seems like something straight out of a horror film. Unfortunately, this horror can happen in real life, as in the past, doctors have been guilty of wrong-site surgery. Maryland patients should be aware of the situation to avoid being a victim of such a dangerous medical error.

What can Maryland patients do to prevent doctor errors?

Medical mistakes have become a serious concern for Maryland patients, as well as patients across the United States. Every year, thousands of patients either suffer injuries, contract illness and infections or even lose their lives due to medical mistakes. Many of these cases are attributed to a doctor's errors. Maryland patients can do their part in making sure that they do not fall victim to medical errors by following some safety precautions.

Medical black box could mean the end of surgical errors

Surgery is one of the most complicated and dangerous procedures done in a hospital. Despite the sterile conditions, while in a hospital or medical facility, a patient's body is exposed for treatment and corrective procedures. Infections and other complications are always possible. Even with experienced surgeons, surgical errors are possible. However, such errors may become a thing of the past if a new innovation, a medical black box, makes its way to the operating rooms of hospitals here in Maryland and across the country.

Steps Maryland patients can take to avoid medical mistakes

Medical errors can happen anytime are not only limited to hospitals. They can also occur in clinics, doctor's offices, surgery centers and other areas of the healthcare system. One out of every seven Medicare patients experience some form of medical mistake. With preventable medical errors now the third leading reason for deaths in the United States, trailing only heart disease and cancer, Maryland residents should take all the necessary steps to avoid being part of the statistics.

Maryland hospital settles heart stent litigation

As Maryland readers already know, medical malpractice and medical negligence is not uncommon. In fact, a brief review of the daily newspapers will reveal a number of cases involving patients filing suit against hospitals and doctors for a wide range of reasons from misdiagnosis and surgical errors to far more serious offenses such as doctors knowingly performing unnecessary procedures.

Surgeon sued after patient suffers serious infection

When a person undergoes surgery, whether for elective or non-elective purposes, they put a lot of trust in their surgeon. That is why when a preventable surgical error does occur it is so emotionally traumatizing for a patient to deal with. Fortunately, when a patient does suffer personal injury or emotional trauma due to surgical errors, it is possible to recover damages. While it may never make up for all the pain and suffering a patient goes through, it can help ensure financial stability and comfort those injured in these unnecessary tragedies.

Patients fear infection from contaminated surgical tools

According to Maryland's own Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a surgical site infection is any infection that occurs due to a break in the skin caused by surgery. Surgical site infections generally occur within 30 days after surgery, and the chances of a surgical site infection are about 1% to 3%. While there are many potential causes for a surgical site infection, contaminated surgical instruments due to hospital negligence and surgical errors are among them. Maryland readers may find the following blog interesting.

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