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Maryland hospital allegedly misdiagnosed patient's infection

Maryland residents go to a hospital for treatment to save them from physical pain. However, healthcare professionals working in hospitals are not immune to medical errors during their practices. Nonetheless, healthcare workers have a duty to do all they can to protect patients from possible harm caused by medical mistakes.

How does vicarious liability play out in a medical malpractice?

A hospital in Greenbelt, Maryland, typically employs different health-care providers, including nurses, physicians and other staff members. And each medical staff member may have their own role in providing good and adequate services for the hospital's patients. However, all of them are responsible for maintaining patient safety in the health facility. Failing to do so may result in liability, not only for the hospital itself, but also for its staff involved in the case.

Legal representation fights "snapshot medicine"

In photography, a snapshot is a picture that is taken quickly and captures a particular scene. In the medical field, "snapshot medicine" is a quick diagnosis or treatment without taking into consideration if the medical action was indeed the appropriate one. While a photography snapshot may capture the beauty of the moment, snapshot medicine can often result in a disaster for a patient. Fortunately, our Maryland-based law firm is expert in handling these types of cases.

Medication errors, mistakes underreported by Maryland hospitals

When it comes to medical mistakes, full disclosure is crucial. Patients should understand why the mistake occurred, what they are facing and how the hospital will address the situation. However, the disclosure does not end there; state health officials should also be aware of which incidents occurred so that they can properly grasp the severity of the situation and know how to proceed with corrective measures. According to experts, it is difficult to gauge the medical situation in Maryland since hospitals are allegedly underreporting incidents.

Doctor sued for intentional misdiagnosis

One of the most common forms of doctor error and hospital negligence involves medical misdiagnosis. The reasons for medical misdiagnosis are vast. Sometimes the failure to diagnosis a condition is the result of a patient suffering from a rare illness with complex symptoms. In other cases it is the result of preventable medical negligence. Maryland parents may be troubled to learn about just such an incident.

Hospital sued over wrongful death of doctor

Tragic medical mistakes and preventable acts of hospital negligence, such as the misdiagnosis of common and easily diagnosable medical conditions, happen far too often in the United States. While many of these events go unnoticed, sometimes they result in serious, even deadly outcomes. Maryland readers may find interesting the following case of a doctor who recently died after a fatal misdiagnosis.

Cancer misdiagnosis more common than doctors realize

Misdiagnosis is one of the leading causes of preventable medical error that occur in the United States each year. While some medical mistakes or failures in diagnosis may be benign, others are very serious. This is especially true when it comes to the misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose certain cancers. Maryland readers may find the following blog on medical malpractice and the misdiagnosis of cancer in the U.S. interesting.

Boy dies after hospital misdiagnoses meningitis

Living so close to some of the world's most renowned medical centers, Maryland readers are familiar with how much we value our medical professionals. For this reason, when medical mistakes occur and patients are harmed, it can be very difficult to come to terms with. This is especially true when the medical error is the result of hospital negligence or preventable doctor's errors such as the failure to diagnose.

Hospital negligence costs woman both legs

Hospital negligence is not an issue that should be taken lightly. Medical mistakes such as surgical errors or misdiagnosis can result in serious, life altering consequences. While nothing can ever make up for what a patient losses in terms of quality of life, it is possible for the victims of hospital negligence and medical malpractice to hold the responsible parties accountable. Maryland readers may have read about the tragic incident where a woman who lost her legs due to medical malpractice.

Pharmaceuticals and the dangers of medical malpractice

Maryland readers know how dangerous medical errors are. From unexpected complications during surgery to infections and misdiagnosis, every year hundreds of thousands of Americans die from medical mistakes. In fact, according to a recent report published in The Washington Times, statistically medical errors, such as doctor errors, medication errors and hospital negligence are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

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