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Medical malpractice damages: what can you recover?

People that have suffered an injury or illness because of a doctor's surgical errors deserve to be compensated for their injuries. By filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the parties that caused you harm, you may be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages to help support you and your family during this difficult time.

Gross negligence may play a role in a medical malpractice claim

If a doctor breaches his or her duty to a patient by failing to adhere to the appropriate and applicable standard of medical care, then that doctor may be found negligent and held liable for any harm caused to the patient. Gross negligence refers to actions that go beyond standard negligence. Maryland doctors who are grossly negligent may act so recklessly that even the average person would be aware that their behavior is inappropriate.

Bill Paxton's family claims wrongful death in lawsuit

When a doctor provides negligent care to patients, they could be sued for wrongful death if the patient passes away because of the doctor's treatment. Our readers may remember seeing news reports that actor Bill Paxton underwent heart surgery to replace a valve and repair an aortic aneurysm in early 2017, and experienced complications before dying of a stroke 11 days after the surgery. Paxton's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the surgeon and hospital responsible for treating Paxton, claiming that they were negligent in their diagnosis, management and treatment of Paxton.

"Burned-out" physicians may provide poor quality care to patients

Doctors are often under a great deal of stress, working long hours and having to perfectly perform surgery in high-pressure situations. This demanding lifestyle can result in what is known as "physician burnout." Generally, doctors experiencing burnout can experience exhaustion and depression, lose the ability to care about their patients and become unable to find meaning in the work they do. Unfortunately, many burned out physicians in Maryland end up making critical surgical errors that cause harm to their patients.

Did my physician breach the standard of care owed to me?

No matter what type of medical treatment you undergo, your physician is required by law to adhere to a specific standard of care when treating you. If you plan to file a medical malpractice claim, a big part of your case will be determining whether your doctor adhered to the appropriate standard of care during the course of your treatment.

Heart surgeon found negligent

Doctors in Maryland have a responsibility to their patients to provide them with the best care possible, in accordance with the accepted standards of the medical community. Doctors who fail to meet this criteria may be cited for medical malpractice. A prominent heart surgeon has been accused of negligence after a surgery left a patient in a coma.

Medical malpractice is more than just making a mistake

When we see a doctor for a medical issue, we generally expect them to perform their jobs capably and fix whatever is wrong with us. However, many patients unfortunately come out from surgery or treatment only to find out that their health issues are far from over. In fact, some patients may find themselves in a worse position than they were before their treatment.

Delayed diagnosis and improper treatment may cause complications

If you undergo spinal surgery in Maryland, the surgeons operating on you have a legal obligation to treat you in accordance with the standard of care required for your procedure. A surgical error may occur when a surgeon fails to act as a reasonable surgeon in similar circumstances would act, and causes you harm as a result. A recent study investigated medical malpractice claims resulting from incidental durotomies, or unintentional small tears to the dura mater, the outer membrane of the spinal cord, that may occur during surgery. The study found that many physicians may be liable in cases involving delayed diagnosis and treatment, as well as improper durotomy repair.

How do I prove fault in my medical malpractice lawsuit?

Anytime we go under the knife, there is a chance that something could go wrong. When a doctor or hospital acts negligently, that chance increases by a great deal. If a physician's surgical error has caused you an illness or injury you would not have had otherwise, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against those responsible for your care.

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